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The future is renewable for energy secretary Davey


The prospects for renewable energy in the UK have never been better, energy secretary Ed Davey has told a conference of workers in the wind and marine renewables industries. According to the secretary for energy and climate change, the government is putting into place the most ‘robust and stableâ€... Continue reading →

The history of the light bulb

The history of the light bulb

Ask the question: ‘Who invented the light bulb?’ and chances are people will say Thomas Edison. Yet whilst it’s certainly true that the American inventor created a commercially viable incandescent bulb, many others had put a lot of, er, ‘energy’ into the invention of electric light before ... Continue reading →

Energy worries fuel a return to rationing


Nearly nine out of 10 Brits will be rationing energy this winter in an attempt to keep their energy bills as low as possible. Worries about the high cost of gas and electricity bills are fuelling the move, with bill payers preparing to leave rooms unheated and switch on the heating for fewer hours t... Continue reading →

Homes heated by poo power!


‘Gas’ bills are taking on a whole new meaning in Birmingham, where homes are being heated by poo power! In a UK first, water company Severn Trent Water has injected the largest quantity of green gas produced from processed poo into gas pipes serving residential areas. Under the innovative treatm... Continue reading →

Next! Socket Store lines up full cast of switches


If you’re casting about for the right sockets and switches for your home or office, look no further! Socket Store has an extensive range of cast plate sockets and switches, from on-trend options such as stylish satin nickel to traditional Victorian hammered black. Our cast plate ranges include Reg... Continue reading →

LED trio far from blue after winning Nobel Prize!


The Nobel Prize for Physics recognises developments that are of the ‘greatest benefit to mankind’ – and this year’s winning invention has certainly had a ‘long-lasting’ effect! The 2014 prize has been awarded to the three Japanese scientists who helped develop blue LEDs, or light emittin... Continue reading →