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Price still not quite right for many energy payers


Just two weeks ago, the team here at Socket Store was wondering: will domestic energy prices come down? And the answer is, finally, yes, with the last of the ‘Big Six’ energy firms announcing plans to cut gas bills from next month. But the reductions don’t go far enough, say critics, and consu... Continue reading →

Will domestic energy prices come down?


2015’s first severe bout of wintry weather is causing chaos across the country, closing schools, disrupting travel… and leaving us turning up our thermostats! But the big question this winter is: will consumers see a reduction in domestic energy bills for a change? The price of crude oil has gon... Continue reading →

WarmWall keeps homes snug – and saves energy costs!


An energy-efficient wall system with nine different ‘layers’ is keeping homes warm this winter – and reducing energy costs at the same time! Welsh Oak Frame’s patent-pending WarmWall system is a highly efficient, super-insulated alternative to the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) that are ... Continue reading →

The hidden dangers of Christmas lights


It might be the season to be jolly, but that shouldn’t be at the expense of being safe, especially around all those festive electricals! As the decs are dusted down and the Christmas lights untangled in homes across the country, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has some simple t... Continue reading →

Green Deal energy scheme is back on the table


A government scheme designed to improve energy efficiency in homes has been relaunched, four months after it closed unexpectedly due to demand. An extra £30m to help bill payers fund measures such as home insulation and double-glazing was yesterday made available under the latest phase of the Green... Continue reading →