Wood you believe our new range of switches!


Our new range of switches certainly doesn’t go against the grain of our reputation for quality! We’re now selling an array of stunning oak, ash and mahogany switches and sockets that will certainly help anyone planning a décor update see the wood for the trees! The new real wood products are ma... Continue reading →

How to switch business energy supplier


The Socket Store team is always keen to save our customers money, so hopefully you have already benefitted from our previous posts about reducing your energy bills. And, with many energy-saving tips applying equally to business and domestic customers, we’re continuing our business energy series wi... Continue reading →

LED look-up chart – replacing your light bulbs [infographic]

Lumens chart

We know it can be confusing when you are looking to replace your traditional light bulbs with LED bulbs or lamps. That’s why we’ve produce this chart! Don’t forget, it’s all about the lumens. So, simply put, look at your traditional incandescent light bulb and look up how man... Continue reading →