Homes heated by poo power!


‘Gas’ bills are taking on a whole new meaning in Birmingham, where homes are being heated by poo power! In a UK first, water company Severn Trent Water has injected the largest quantity of green gas produced from processed poo into gas pipes serving residential areas. Under the innovative treatm... Continue reading →

LED trio far from blue after winning Nobel Prize!


The Nobel Prize for Physics recognises developments that are of the ‘greatest benefit to mankind’ – and this year’s winning invention has certainly had a ‘long-lasting’ effect! The 2014 prize has been awarded to the three Japanese scientists who helped develop blue LEDs, or light emittin... Continue reading →

Wood you believe our new range of switches!


Our new range of switches certainly doesn’t go against the grain of our reputation for quality! We’re now selling an array of stunning oak, ash and mahogany switches and sockets that will certainly help anyone planning a décor update see the wood for the trees! The new real wood products are ma... Continue reading →