Are our dimmers compatible with LED lamps?

One of the questions we regularly get asked is whether you can use our dimmers with LED (light-emitting diode) lamps, also known as LED bulbs. The answer is… maybe! All our standard dimmers are leading edge dimmers, which are designed for use with traditional incandescent or halogen lamps. Whi... Continue reading →

Is it time to renew the way you think about energy?

The winds of change are certainly stirring when it comes to the way we heat and power our homes. New figures show that the use of renewable energy is increasing, whilst coal and gas consumption have fallen, taking the UK a step closer to renewable energy targets and widening consumer choice. Once co... Continue reading →

Socket Store goes back to the future with Retrotouch!

We’re certainly not looking to the past with our new partnership with Retrotouch! Socket Store now stocks the full Retrotouch range of switches, sockets and dimmers – enabling our customers to consign dated equipment to history! Retrotouch’s high quality range includes touch and remote light s... Continue reading →

Lighting for boys and girls is child’s play with Socket Store!

Footballs, rockets and butterflies? No, we’re not kidding – they’re all part of our new lighting range for children! If you want to brighten up your child’s bedroom or playroom, our latest line includes eye-catching designs and the perfect finishing touches, right down to a switch to match y... Continue reading →

Windsor chrome sockets are back in stock!

It has taken a while, and our apologies for the delay, but our ever-popular Windsor chrome plug sockets are now back in stock. While we have a range of chrome sockets available, our Windsor range are a very popular choice, in fact too popular recently! We have been waiting for stock of the polishe... Continue reading →

What is a back box?

Behind every successful socket, there’s a strong, reliable partner holding everything together! That’s right; there’s more to the good old switch socket than meets the eye, and if you’re installing or changing one in your home, you’ll need to know about back boxes. A back box is what’s n... Continue reading →

Energy firms told to hand back £400m to customers

More than £400m is on its way back to householders and businesses after the ‘Big Six’ energy firms were told to return money owed to customers from closed accounts. Ofgem believes that at least £202m is owed to 3.5m domestic customers and £204m to business customers who have switched energy p... Continue reading →

Home safety around sockets and switches

If you have children or grandchildren, you probably spend a lot of time worrying about their safety when they’re out and about. But what about when they are indoors? With improvements in the safety of wiring and appliances, the good news is that children are at lower risk these days of electric sh... Continue reading →

Advantages of LED light bulbs

How many times do you change your light bulbs? No, it’s not a joke – and the answer will depend on the type of bulbs you use! Here at Socket Store, we like to save our customers money – not just by selling our lights and lamps at permanently low prices but also, hopefully, by reducing your... Continue reading →

Refund policy sees customers returning to Socket Store!

Socket Store has simplified its returns policy, making life easier for our customers whatever the circumstances. We pride ourselves on being fair and transparent and, as a result, have introduced a new no-quibble returns procedure that allows customers in England, Wales and Scotland to send back any... Continue reading →